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Keeping the Dream Alive

Hi Im Rod Anderson, Founder of the MLK Golf Brotherhood. The story behind me starting the golf club was very personal. Visiting the Martin Luther King Jr. Museum in Memphis, Tennessee was a transformative experience that ignited a powerful spark within my soul. As I walked through the corridors that echo the footsteps of a visionary who dared to dream of a better world, I was reminded of Dr King’s unbreakable spirit of resilience, equality, and unity. Dr. King's unwavering belief in the power of togetherness and his tireless efforts to dismantle the walls of prejudice resonated deeply.

Inspired by his legacy, we stand on the principle of a new journey, ready to honor his dream by forging unbreakable bonds on the greens of a golf course. This golf group, a haven for African American men to come together, will not only strengthen our camaraderie, but will also serve as a living testament to Dr. King's enduring message of harmony and brotherhood. With each swing of the club, we shall remind ourselves and the world that the dream lives on, echoing through time and across fairways, inspiring generations to come.

Being a part of an African-American golf club holds significant importance for a variety of reasons:

  • Historical Significance: These clubs have played a crucial role in providing African Americans with a platform to participate in the sport of golf during times when racial segregation and discrimination were rampant. They provided a safe space where African Americans could enjoy the game without the barriers imposed by mainstream clubs.
  • Cultural Identity: African-American golf clubs have helped foster a sense of community and cultural identity. They have served as places where individuals could gather, socialize, and share experiences related to their shared heritage and love for golf.
  • Skill Development: These clubs have offered opportunities for African-Americans to have greater access to courses and facilities to hone their skills and compete at various levels. By providing access to facilities, coaching, and tournaments, these clubs have contributed to the development of talented golfers.
  • Representation and Diversity: African-American golf clubs have helped promote diversity and representation within the sport. By creating spaces where African Americans could excel and be celebrated, these clubs have worked towards breaking down racial barriers and stereotypes in golf.
  • Community Outreach: Many African-American golf clubs have been involved in community outreach programs, introducing young individuals to the sport and promoting healthy lifestyles. These efforts have helped expand the reach of golf to underserved communities.
  • Preservation of History: African-American golf clubs often have a rich history that reflects the challenges and triumphs of African Americans-in the world of golf. Preserving this history helps educate future generations about the struggles and achievements of African-American golfers.
  • Advocacy for Equality: These clubs have served as platforms for advocating for equality and combating racial discrimination within the golfing community and beyond. They have highlighted the need for inclusion and equal opportunities for all golfers.

Overall, African-American golf clubs have played a crucial role in shaping the narrative of golf and promoting inclusivity, representation, and cultural pride within the sport. Since year 2000, MLK Golf Brotherhood Inc has continued its own legacy of conducting signature amateur golf tournaments and building a network of African-American golfers. 

We welcome you to join us!

MLK Golf Brotherhood Inc. Leadership Team

Lino Alcatraz Member Board of Directors

Rod Anderson President, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Rod Booker Member Board of Directors

Jaton Brown Treasurer, Member Board of Directors

Art Burton Member Board of Directors

Ronald Coleman Member Tournament Committee

Mario Davis Member Tournament Committee

Andre Lanier Secretary, Member Board of Directors

Marcus Murray Member Tournament Committee

Ben Tai Member Board of Director

Jermaine Terry Sr. Member Tournament Committee

Raphael Weaver Member Tournament Committee

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